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Off-Campus Commercial Retail Rates
Ad Size
(All ads include colour)
1 AD
($1.30 Line Rate)
2+ ADS
($0.95 Line Rate)
Full Page
$1045.00 (per ad)
3/4 Page
$1072.50 $783.75 (per ad)
1/2 Page
$715.00 $522.50 (per ad)
1/4 Page (Hor & Vert)
$364.00 $266.00 (per ad)
1/4 Page (Square)
$362.70 $265.05 (per ad)
1/8 Page
$182.00 $133.00 (per ad)
1/16 Page
$91.00 $66.50 (per ad)
1/32 Page
$45.50 $33.25 (per ad)
Exclusive Position
Front Page Banner
1 – 3 ADS
$350 (per ad)
4 – 6 ADS $315 (per ad)
7 – 13 ADS $301 (per ad)
14 – 26 ADS
$294 (per ad)
Download the Off-Campus rate card PDF: Off-Campus Rate Card

Western Academic

Western University academic departments, please click below for your rate card.

Rate Card

Western Businesses

Western business units, please click below for your rate card.

Rate Card

USC Departments

USC departments, please click below for your rate card.

Rate Card

Undergrad Students

Undergraduate students and student groups, please click below for your rate card.

Rate Card

The print edition of The Gazette offers both display and classified options.

  • Display Ads are ads that appear anywhere on the pages of the paper. They usually include photos, graphics and variations in type size and selection. Display ads are priced according to the space they take up.
  • Classified Ads are small word ads that run within a classified ad space. The type style and size are fixed. Classified ads are priced by word, with a 30 word default price and a cost per extra word over that default. An online version of the ad, included in the price, can be seen on the classified page.

Classified ad rates for 2016-2017

(Base rate is for 30 words)

1 - 3 ads $8.35, 0.25 extra word
4 - 8 ads $7.70, 0.23 extra word
9 - 12 ads $7.15, 0.21 extra word
13 - 20 ads $6.60, 0.19 extra word
21 - 34 ads $6.05, 0.17 extra word
35 - 50 ads $5.50, 0.15 extra word
51+ ads $4.95, 0.15 extra word
short rate applies for cancelled ads

An online version of the ad, included in the price, can be seen on the classified page.

Classified ads with a corresponding event receive a calendar listing on the Gazette Events Calendar page as part of their listing.

What are the benefits of print advertising?

Most trusted

Even in this age of mass digital advertising, print media still is regarded as one of the most trusted sources for information. Consequently this also applies to advertisements within print media as print advertisements are trustworthy and honest than their online counterparts.

Quality engagement

Advertisers struggle with getting their message out to the public, and that is harder when there are more and more devices vying for our attention every day. Newspapers and similar printed media still hold our attention higher than any other format, with 60% of readers not consuming any other media at the same time as reading newspapers. Attention is an important role in advertising, as high levels of attention correlate with a higher advertising response rate, especially when coupled with the trust and authenticity that newspapers provide.

Sizing Your Ad

Gazette Print Advertisements are sold by width and depth, measured in columns and agate lines respectively (an agate line is 1/14”). An ad can be sized to accomodate your budget or you can pick from among the sizes illustrated. All ads include process colour and free design in the price.

Pricing Your Ad

Pricing varies depending on the number of ads being purchased. Process colour and free design are included in the price of all ads. Call or email Diana Watson, and a custom quote will be created. Please provide your full contact information including email.

Creating Your Ad

We offer free creative design included in the price of your ad. You can also submit artwork. Submitted artwork should follow these guidelines:

  • Vector: Press-quality PDF preferred, AI
  • Raster: TIFF, High-quality JPEG
  • 300 DPI image resolution
  • CMYK colour space
  • All fonts embedded and vectors expanded


Ads should be ordered by noon one week prior to publication date.

Publishing Schedule

Our publishing schedule for the 2018-2019 academic year is available as a PDF.
Publishing Schedule

There is also a explanation of sizes and pricing formula available to download.
Ad Sizes and Pricing

Over 70 unique pick-up locations across Western campus and downtown London.

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Off-Campus Advertisers

If you are an off-campus business or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising specialist.

Diana Watson

Office: 519-661-2111 x.89013
Cell: 226-268-7218
Email: dwatso4@uwo.ca

Gazette Advertising and Marketing Office
Room 263D
University Community Centre
Western University
London, ON, N6A 3K7

USC & Western Departments

If you are a Western department or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising department.

Ian Greaves

Office: 519-661-3579
Email: adoffice@uwo.ca

Gazette Advertising is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 1985.

The Western Gazette Student Newspaper is not affiliated with F-Media (Free Media)

Western News no longer produces a print publication. To advertise to staff, faculty and students alike, please click here.

Current Western statistics can be found here: Facts & Figures 2016-2017

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