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What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content allows your business to expand on your brands message to your target audience in a closer and more intimate manner than traditional print and online advertising. By writing about your brand and supplying informative content, you can achieve a better understanding of your product and form a closer bond with your customers.

Thousands of people search every day for information on a new product or service. Your can help inform them right at the start by giving them truthful and quality benefits right the first time and prevent potential misunderstanding.

Social Media Menu

There are three options to the Sponsored Content program.

❶ Online Advertorial

There will be an article, or "advertorial", for the message you want to promote. It will be located in our Sponsored Content section of the site.


Per instance.
Each advertorial is published for one (1) month.

❷ Facebook Post

Your message will be posted to Facebook as a sponsored post. This connects you directly with the Gazette's Facebook followers.


Per instance.
Minimum 7 days between each instance.

❸ Twitter Post

Your message will be posted to Twitter three times per week. This connects you directly with the Gazette's Twitter followers.


Per instance.
Minimum 7 days between each instance.

All prices +HST
*Discounts may be available when bundled with additional Gazette products. Please see your advertising rep for more information.

Advertorial Guidelines

The advertorial will be presented similar to other written articles on The Gazette website. Every advertorial includes a photo or illustration at the top of the article and give credit to the photographer or source (a licence to use the supplied image is required). The advertorial will be differentiated from the rest of the site content by being presented under the ‘sponsored content’ section and it will carry a disclaimer at the end stating the non-involvement of the editorial department in the creation of the advertorial content. Good taste and judgment should govern all advertorial content.

The following are specific prohibitions on content:

  • Plagiarism of content from other sources
  • Defamatory or libellous statements
  • Stereotypes and derogatory content regarding race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or social status
  • Anything promoting illegal activity
  • Anything promoting the sale of sexual services
  • Anything that is inconsistent with University policies dealing with discrimination and harassment or contrary to provincial human rights legislation

Other prohibitions may apply and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertorial content.

Gazette Media Reach
Gazette Online
60,000 avg. monthly sessions
Facebook 7,500 likes
Twitter 10,400 followers
Total Reach

Reach: the total number of people potentially exposed during a given period.

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Off-Campus Advertisers

If you are an off-campus business or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising specialist.

Advertising Office


Gazette Advertising and Marketing Office
Room 263D
University Community Centre
Western University
London, ON, N6A 3K7

USC & Western Departments

If you are a Western department or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising department.

Ian Greaves

Office: 519-661-3579

Gazette Advertising is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 1985.

The Western Gazette Student Newspaper is not affiliated with F-Media (Free Media)

Western News no longer produces a print publication. To advertise to staff, faculty and students alike, please click here.

Current Western statistics can be found here: Facts & Figures 2016-2017

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