Sometimes during our bustling four years in London, we forget to take a moment and listen to the sounds of the city. One of the more distinct and developed sounds London has to offer is Chad Price, a local musician releasing his self-titled sophomore album on Jan. 27. 

The young artist is a staple in the music scene and garners a theme along the likes of JP Cooper and Lianne La Havas. After being raised in a household infused with Stevie Wonder and funk and adding influencers like Neil Young, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and more, Price has curated his sounds after releasing his first project In This Dream.

Price admits that Chad Price is a more distinguished collection of his brand as he has finally found a place for himself in the music industry. He describes his evolution into a befitting folk-soul genre blend, fusing both genres he admires dearly.

"In my first album I didn't really know what I was going for artistically and I had only started doing music when I was 22 and I released that first album when I was 25," Price explains. "So I was very fresh and [in] what I consider my formative years as an artist so it's been about five years since then now and I've found myself musically naturally by playing a ton of shows and playing a ton of music."

The growth is apparent in Chad Price. Moving away from pop-rock to a more refined voice, Price experiments with a live sound aesthetic encapsulating you in the performance. His lyrics, voice and instruments feel mere feet away and his emotions are almost tangible. Tracks like "Home," "Clean Slate" and "Descendants" bring it full circle as the album ends with somber harmonies that wave goodbye longingly, not wanting to say farewell to listeners.

It's been quite a whirlwind for Price as well. Finishing the album and proclaiming his place has been an incredible path for him. With Chad Price he is finally standing in his truth as an artist and visionary.

"It takes a while to find, you know. You can't just expect to step into the music industry and know exactly what you want. You always have to be evolving and open to certain trends and eventually you'll find yourself," Price gushes.

He continues by sharing his release party for his album happening on Jan. 27. Price will be taking the stage at Rum Runners and welcomes everyone to join in on the celebration. Canadian artists like Lizzie Lyon and Matthew Johnston will be performing as well and he encourages everyone to come watch the show for $12.

Price adds that ticket proceeds will also go towards ChildCan, a support service helping families facing childhood cancer. He believes the service does excellent work and wants to help out in any way possible. 

With a strong album and sound to share with audiences on Friday, Price is excited to see what the future has in store and how he can share more with others. And for those who cannot attend the show, Chad Price is a project all can enjoy after Jan. 27. It's a sound to experience and it beats the noise pollution that usually drowns most local musicians.

You can listen to Chad Price on Price's SoundCloud.


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