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Living with a roommate isn't always a walk in the park but there are some things that can help. Check out this run down of tips and tricks to help you avoid receiving those passive aggressive group chat messages that everyone dreads.

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Living away from home can be a fantasy for many: no curfews, no constant micromanaging from parents and no invasion of privacy. What students may not consider when fantasizing about these substandard rentals are the everyday struggles that come along with them.

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Elisabeth Edwards had her first run-in with ASMR during a Grade 2 school activity when a student was spelling out the letters of the alphabet on her back. After feeling a trance-like sensation from her head down to her spine, she was confused, feeling an unknown sense of relaxation.

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Take a look into the history and science behind your favourite green plant so that you have all the facts before indulging in the legalization of cannabis.

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