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Hard work and a little luck can bring any Western student a range of summer internships.

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Although the mass extinction that marked the end of the reign of the dinosaurs is iconic, there's another mass extinction that was so catastrophic it took 10 million years for the Earth to recover. What else could be so catastrophic? Perhaps climate change.

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The votes are in, and Inam — president of Huron University College Students' Council and captain of his intramural water polo team —is our Student of the Year.

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No Second Chances is a podcast narrated by Kate Graham, a PhD student and teacher in the political science department at Western University. Through the series, she unravels the stories of the twelve female politicians that have occupied Canada's most senior political offices — specifically, why they have never been re-elected. 

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As the school year comes to an end, some students are feeling burnt out. Here’s what it means to suffer from senioritis and how to cure your symptoms.

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Elly Gotz comes to Western to tell his story of life during the Second World War.