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Weed's counter-cultural aura departed upon its legalization. And with it, the blissful ignorance of stoned complacency did too.

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Can marijuana kill you? Is it addictive? Who is Mary Jane? Get high on your knowledge about Mother Nature's most scandalous plant. 

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With fall finally here, take advantage of the great hiking spots that London has to offer.

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Last Tuesday, Concrete Beach lit up in a shower of dazzling white and purple lights for Nuit Violette, a celebration of contemporary arts.

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As the leaves begin to fall, midterms are on the horizon along with the job recruitment season, especially for the field of research. On Tuesday, the Western Student Research Conference hosted its inaugural fall Summer Research Expo in the International and Graduate Affairs Building on campus.

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This year's FOCO saw Elgin Hall parking lot host globally renowned talent. Students and their company enjoyed music, food and shenanigans just down the street from Broughdale's festivities.

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