We've all been there: cute cat videos one minute and over to the darker side of YouTube the next. And when you hit Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, it's time for bed.

If you're looking for something scary to get you into the Halloween spirit, though, but don't have the time for a full-length movie, you can watch these YouTube videos instead for a more concentrated scare.

The following videos aren't just weird; they're downright creepy. If five exams and three essays aren’t enough of a scare factor for you this Halloween season, these will really give you a spook. Maybe that all-nighter will happen after all.

For the full experience, try watching these with headphones. Think you can sit still through all of them?

Henry Eats

Beheading seems to be the common theme in this video. What starts off as a poorly animated disfigured head eating the heads of flesh statues takes an even more horrifying turn as a rotting man with an unusually large set of denture-like teeth stares into your soul. The uncomfortably long stare makes you want to look away, yet the grotesque animations force you not to because of how strange the features of the characters look. As if it could not get any worse, a human with no legs and no skin on their face emerges from a small door and drinks what looks like brain fluid from a cup with a straw. These videos show you how graphic and unsettling animations, even simple ones, can be.

Salad Fingers

The calming, yet eerie voice of Salad Fingers may or may not — but most likely not — put you to sleep. A little over a decade old, this popular video series, garnered up to 30 million views per video. The first episode introduces Salad Fingers, a green and seemingly friendly fellow with a love of rusty spoons. The second episode, which is also the creepiest, is a classic guide on what not to do when strangers ask for your help. The not-so-human spoon-lover has three friends, but they're inanimate finger puppets and therefore aren’t able to give any warnings to Salad Fingers' victim.

Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

It’s not quite the children's show you think it’s going to be when you watch the first few minutes of this unnerving YouTube series. With the educational songs and creepy endings, it’s hard to ignore what the creators are trying to say. Some explanations say the series is critiquing the fact that educational shows on television are brainwashing children to think in a certain uniform way. For example, in the first episode, the characters sing a song about being creative, but there is nothing creative about the colour "red," and when one of the characters draws a picture of a clown, he is told to "slow down," as black paint is poured over his painting. There’s also something increasingly freaky about the characters who look like humans dressed in costumes. In the first episode, the characters play with human organs, and their demeanour is bizarre as they dance to downright petrifying music. It’s a somewhat ridiculous show that will leave you with a weird feeling, and probably several nightmares. If not, you’re probably without emotions.

The Dolls with Attitude

For some reason, dolls, even though they're associated with innocence and childhood, give us eerie feelings. When her face turns into a doll’s, the main character of this short film faces a nightmare of unwanted attention. As if this phenomenon wasn't freaky enough, her face is frozen in a smile, unable to show her true emotions. Worse, when she tries to get her normal face back, she finds, to her horror, that something is missing. The video’s haunting message sends a reality check to us in a world where outer appearance is everything, and the misery this causes in both our real lives and in this fictional plot couldn’t be more authentic.

The Quiet Zone

Late night commutes can be pretty frightening. During this young woman's train ride, her next stop is a deathly terrifying experience. You can literally feel yourself tense up during this entire video as the woman feels increasingly worried about someone — or something — following her. She becomes trapped in the station and the scene becomes gory and hard to watch. It's going to make you want to avoid the last train of the night at all costs.

If you were planning on getting some sleep tonight, you won't. You'll probably be better off staying awake to keep an eye on that closet door that could creak open any second now.


Kristin Lee is the managing editor of the Western Gazette. You can contact her at kristin.lee@westerngazette.ca, or @kriiislee on Twitter.

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