As two fourth-year students who have had their fair share of nights-out on Richmond Row and crying sessions in campus bathrooms, we’ve put together a bucket list of things we think every Mustang needs to do before they get their diploma.

Whether this is your first year in London, Ont. or your last, take it from us — you cannot leave Western University saying you’ve had “the best student experience” without checking a few things off this list.

  1. Eat a white-chocolate macadamia nut cookie from The Spoke 

  2. Wear slippers to campus 

  3. Grab a drink with a professor at The Grad Club 

  4. Get your roommates to give you a haircut and then regret it for the next six months 

  5. Take a selfie with the goose mascot

  6. Submit an assignment on OWL at 11:59 p.m. 

  7. Chase after a London Transit Commission bus

  8. Go tobogganing down UC Hill

  9. Get your name in the Western Gazette 

  10. Get a pitcher of red-wine sangria at Los Lobos 

  11. Sing a Bruno Mars song at Molly Bloom’s karaoke 

  12. Use a microwave on campus

  13. Take a book out at Weldon Library just because you can

  14. Tip a drag queen a $5 bill at Lavish

  15. Brave the hour-long line-up to get a precious bagel from The Spoke

  16. Attend an opera at the Don Wright Faculty of Music 

  17. Sneak into the Ivey building and use their fancy showers 

  18. Cry in your professor’s office hours

  19. Get a pizza from the pizza vending machine in the UCC

  20. Meet Alan Shepard’s dog Meisha

  21. Take a shameless BeReal in a lecture hall 

  22. Consume at least six shots of espresso in 24 hours

  23. Make DIY Western merch from the Book Store’s sale section 

  24. Study at an off-campus cafe

  1. See the student art displays at the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre 

  2. Go for a dip in the Western Student Recreation Centre pool and smell like chlorine for a week 

  3. Grab a bite from one of the food trucks on Concrete Beach in between classes 

  4. Disassociate from reality at a cubicle in Taylor Library

  5. Get a line dancing lesson at Cowboys Ranch

  6. Catch an indie or classic movie at The Hyland Cinema

  7. Try the coffee from a campus vending machine (and prepare to be disappointed) 

  8. Eat a cruffin at Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

  9. Go vintage shopping on Dundas Street

  10. Successfully, or at least mediocrely, finish a class without doing a single reading  

  11. Write an exam while hungover 

  12. Vote in the University Student Council election

  13. Get an email from your professor signed “Sent from my iPhone” 

  14. Sleep through 12 alarms 

  15. Make direct eye contact with a goose — and run

  16. Stand outside a residence at 1 a.m. because someone set off the fire alarm 

  17. Hide a pet in your dorm room

  18. Wait 10 minutes for the elevator in Saugeen-Maitland Hall

  19. Observe the cult-like dances from the engineers at Rick McGhie’s on a Wednesday 

  20. Get an autograph from the USC President 

  21. Win a vibrator, cock ring or fuzzy handcuffs at Ceeps Sex Toy Bingo

  22. Hype up your friend’s forum post on OWL

  23. Take a candlelit yoga class at the Rec Centre 

  24. Go to a Mustangs football game and pretend like you know what’s going on 

  25. Bring a pillow and blanket to Club Weldon during exam season 

  26. Make a viral post on r/uwo

  27. Choose your classes based on what a stranger says on Facebook’s “‘Must Knows’ for courses at UWO” group


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