Middlesex College

Western University's Middlesex College, February 26, 2018.

Whether you’re from around the world or around the block, university is a new – and potentially daunting – experience. Members of the Gazette masthead reflected on their first years and have offered some of their best tips and tricks for surviving university. Who knows — maybe they’ll help you too.

Embarrassing moments will make really funny stories. – Rebecca Bartkiw, Video Producer

Leave your comfort zone, inside and outside the classroom. There isn’t a better time to branch out, meet new people and try new things than at university. – Jordan Bloom, Senior Sports Reporter

All the hard work in the world won’t matter if you hand in the wrong file. Always double check your submission (not speaking from experience of course). – Rebecca Streef, Staff Graphic Designer

Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re homesick — chances are, everyone else is too. Also, Astronomy 1021 isn’t a bird course. – Sarah Wallace, Coordinating Editor

It's okay to be nervous, but try your best to say yes as much as you can! Go to events, meet lots of new people and enjoy all of the fun opportunities that first year offers. – Laura Seidelin, Video Producer

Always make sure you get the OWL email submission email. Always. – Jacob Russell, Sports Editor

Don't underestimate university but also don't overestimate it. You're now with the best of the best but there's a reason why you're here, too.  – Alex McComb, Managing Editor

Do not start drinking coffee for the aesthetic. Caffeine addiction is real. – Gabby Glasier, Coordinating Editor

Take pictures along the way! You’re only in first year once, you’ll want to remember it. Oh, and don’t forget to call your mom. – Cassie Kaczmarski, Staff Graphic Designer

Throughout university, you’re going to meet people with very different lived experiences than you and be exposed to things you never have been before. Take advantage of that and be open to changing your own opinions and judgments. – Rebekah Rodrigues, News Editor

Try something new and out of your comfort zone this year! For those in a traditional residence, ALWAYS wear shoes in the shower! – Samantha Bloom, Culture Editor

Don’t compare yourself with others or feel pressured to act a certain way! Remember that everyone has different priorities and strengths. Focus on yourself and everything will work out! – Sheetal Vemannagari, News Editor

Invest in a mattress topper for your dorm bed, it’ll save you a couple years of back pain. – Elizabeth Hart, Copy Editor

Learn the Western Fight Song. – Nyren Mo, Senior Video Producer

Starting out in a new place can be refreshing, yet confusing. Make time to regularly reflect on who you want to be (and if what you are doing will get you there). Write, journal, highlight and fill the margins with your notes. Keep in touch with faraway friends and family. – Peter Greve, Staff Culture Writer

He is not as cute as you think he is! – Cat Tang, Culture Editor

Most of the people you meet this year will be life lessons. Learn from them. – Bella Pick, Opinions/Copy Editor

University can be a big transition — anticipate feeling fear. Embrace and accept these feelings. Use them as a means to explore independence and new experiences. – Lauren Medeiros, Staff Culture Writer

Take advantage of every opportunity and try as much as you can! First year is the perfect time to try new things and learn more about yourself, and it could lead you to amazing experiences – Erin Grace, Graphics Editor

Introduce yourself to as many people as you can — a good place to start is the people sitting beside you in every class so you have someone to give you notes. Asking people about themselves is a great way to make friends, everybody's favourite topic is themselves. – Hope Mahood, Coordinating Editor

Join the Gazette! – Samar El Masri, Copy Editor



Sarah is the Coordinating Editor of culture and sports for volume 115. She was previously a culture editor for volume 114. Email her at sarah.wallace@westerngazette.ca or find her on Twitter @sarahkwallace7

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