Soylent - Day 1 (1)

Described as "deliciously neutral," Soylent is a meal replacement used for convenience and as a way for all of your daily nutrients to be easily met. Three Gazette editors decided to substitute their diets with just Soylent for five days. The rules are simple — no food, no alcohol, no coffee — only Soylent until dinner on Friday. Each day, the editors will be recapping their experiences. 


So today was the first day of the five-day Soylent challenge, and while the first sip was a little interesting, I have to admit, the taste grew on me. Over time it became almost batter-like, which I didn't mind.

The hardest part I found was actually drinking the amount I'm supposed to. It was after 1 p.m. before I managed to finish my first cup – I haven't even had a full breakfast yet and it's already time for lunch. I haven't felt hungry yet, and having a 'meal' beside me to pick away at is definitely more convenient and efficient than preparing a one daily.

But by far the biggest challenge has been to not go to Tim Horton's and buy a coffee. For someone who drinks at least two cups a day, going completely cold turkey made it exceptionally hard to fully wake up this morning, but it's all part of the challenge!


The first few sips of Soylent I had were lumpy so it was especially bad and made me pretty worried about the next four days ahead of me. But since 'breakfast' I have kind of gotten used to the taste. That’s definitely not to say I enjoy it, I am just adapting to drinking it all week.

The initial fear of the unknown is gone. I can see this being really nice for making time to do other stuff during the week. As a foodie I’d love to have a quick meal most of the week, then make a more complex one later on.

When it comes to the realization that I can’t eat delicious foods, I’ve taken the stance of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and that seems to be working – having an empty fridge at home, averting my eyes from The Spoke while walking by — I think I can do this. 


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I honestly thought this would be convenient and easy. Let's be honest, cooking can be a little annoying and time consuming so I thought Soylent would save me a lot of hassle. Spoiler alert: I was an idiot. This is awful.

The taste itself is not the worst thing in the world (although it would probably be at least second runner-up) but the texture is what kills any last iota of thought that this was a good idea. It's like lumpy, watered-down oatmeal. The feeling of liquid-y grit for every meal makes me cringe.

The worst part of the first day has been the lingering thoughts and ideas of food. I'll be sending out e-mails and having a typical work day and then slowly think about how much I want to go grab a coffee. Of course, I'm not allowed as per our rules. I haven't really been hungry but I still feel like I want to eat. I'm sure this is subsistence but it has not been enough for me. This will be a long-ass five days...


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