Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can all stop appreciating family and go back to our obsession with material things like the colour burgundy. Take a look at third-year women's studies and criminology student Alexandria Richards, this week's poster girl for fall fashion.

Her slip dress is low-maintenance and easy to wear – you just "slip" it on! Knee-length dresses in soft fabric are perfect for fall, keeping your thighs warm while still being comfortable.

The plunging neckline and lacing at the middle adds a little interest, not quite as modest as the length. "I'm very for showing boob, so anytime I can, I will," says Richards. You go, girl.

The shawl fades from a rich, autumnal burgundy into black to match her dress. Now ombré should usually be treated with the same disdain as Uggs and cat-ear headbands, with all the same grade-school connotations, but it works in this case because they're dark, tasteful colours. Fall is all about textures and this cozy-looking weave adds that to the outfit. It's Richards' favourite piece because of its versatility: "It's very multi-purpose," she says. "I can wear it more casually, or just when I'm cold."

The wide-brimmed grey hat is the unusual eye-catcher. As the only light colour in the ensemble, it adds some contrast with the reds and blacks. It also serves a practical purpose – when you're walking out of the dimly-lit UCC into the bright autumn sun, sunglasses and hats are a godsend.

Finally, her black leather boots add a few inches as well as a hint of badass. There's nothing like towering over your friends and drawing the annoyed glare of everyone in Weldon as you march noisily past them.


Shawl: Dynamite. Deep, warm colours like this are perfect for fall. You can get lower-quality acrylic blends at Aritzia, but if you want genuinely warm or swanky wool, silk and pashmina varieties, try Laura or Hudson's Bay.

Dress: Forever 21. The slip was originally considered an undergarment, but after the underwear-as-outerwear movement popularized by pop icons of the 20th century, it joined the ranks of corsets and bustiers as acceptable clothing to wear by itself. Forever 21 is the simple, budget option, but then it's a pretty simple piece of clothing.

Boots: Thrifted. Brown boots are more versatile, but black boots are a statement all by themselves when they're used right. Aldo or Town Shoes offers a range of options.

Hat: Forever 21. Big hats seem to be resurging in the fashion world, a la Audrey Hepburn's iconic look. Why not? Block those UV rays with style.

Septum: Body Candy. A bit of an unusual accessory, but it's a brave new world and septums are becoming increasingly popular. Add a little flash to your face!


Opinions Editor

Richard is the Opinions Editor for Volume 111. Previously, he was Culture Editor-At-Large for Volume 110, Arts & Lifestyle Editor for Volume 109, and staff writer for Volume 108. Email him at

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