There's the pretty part of autumn, the trees in a vibrant array of fiery colours, and then there's the dull, gloomy part where it rains incessantly. Sometimes grey weather calls for grey tones and second year Med-Sci and French student Amir Bachari is here to meet that need.

The loop scarf has been very popular in the past few years. The asymmetry and haphazard folding gives off a casual, cozy sort of vibe, and it's definitely one of the warmer trends in the colder seasons.

Houndstooth is a great fall print, drawing the eye without being obnoxiously in-your-face.

Mixing patterns is risky, but when you're in greyscale it's one of the only things you can work with. Bachari's cardigan is in basket-weave, a relatively new trend in the world of knit outerwear; it's finely detailed, and adds textural interest.

The ombré fade from white to grey complements the same colours in the scarf. Longline t-shirts are a classic streetwear staple these days, and it works--though unconventionally--with the more preppy scarf-and-cardigan look.

Longline was catapulted to the forefront of fashion with the help of designers like Rick Owens. Today, Kanye West is perhaps the most prolific advocate of the trend.

His Fossil watch, satisfyingly chunky, adds a subtle but flashy touch to the whole ensemble; nothing beats gold-and-leather for class. The interior is purposely exposed to showcase the complex internal workings.

Skinny black jeans and white converse are classic skater-boy. Bachari's outfit is a hodgepodge of pieces from different styles, but the complementary patterning and the consistent greyscale pulls it all together.

"Don't be afraid to explore," says Bachari. "Most people wouldn't wear these pieces together, but it makes you pop a little--it's okay to be noticed!"

Where to get it

Scarf: Zara. Loop scarves are a great trend, because unlike most modern fashion they actually serve a practical purpose; it looks great, and it's warm as hell.

Cardigan: Zara. Cardigans, sweaters and jumpers of all sorts are the key if you want that sought-after grandpa swagger for autumn. Be sure to pick up an interesting pattern, whether it's basket-weave like this one or the timeless cable-knit.

Shirt: Zara. Moving away from the form-fitting t-shirts of muscle-bound hunks, these longer, draping shirts alter proportions in a new and unusual way. If you don't have a longline t-shirt, get on it!

Jeans: Skinny black jeans are a must in any streetwear look, particularly paired with converse. Levi's are the go-to, but be careful with the black dye--it comes out in the wash and might fade.

Shoes: Softmoc, Champs. White Converse are a statement, but they're easy to get dirty. Consider getting a magic eraser to get rid of all those pesky smudges.

Watch: Fossil. A great watch is a necessity in any outfit, but be sure to match it to your style. Giant, chunky watches look comical on tiny wrists.


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