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It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in the winter when it seems like everyone dressing in the same basic style: dark clothes, outerwear and boots. Fifth-year BMOS student Kishwar Hashmee shows us how to mix colours in order to create a distinct and cohesive outfit that embraces your own style. 

Hashmee’s colour choices may seem daring, as he combines colours that at first sight don’t go together. However with dark colours on top and lighter shades on the bottom, his colour scheme adds variety to the outfit and make a statement.

He combines a burgundy double-breasted wool coat with a thin knit navy scarf. The coat is unique, as most people favour the more modern single-breasted look, and its burgundy colour complements the scarf nicely. Underneath the coat, he wears a simple black long-sleeved shirt and slim-fit light wash jeans, which juxtapose the darker colours in the outfit.

His favourite piece, however, are his boots, because of their slim design in a camel colour. This style is a good alternative to bulkier winter boots, but the shearling lining ensures that your feet are kept warm. 

Although Hashmee emphasizes the importance of creating one’s own individual style, his advice is to tailor your style to what makes you feel good about yourself.

“I shop mostly slim fit, from Topman or sometimes Zara, but I’m not brand loyal," he says. "I’d shop anywhere as long as it looks good."

As a business owner of Evoq (, a company that currently sells ties and other accessories, Hashmee is a big believer in “looking good to be fashionable” while also shopping for “good deals for what looks good.” Consider Hashmee’s advice and choose items that make you feel both good and fashionable and embrace your individuality — don’t be afraid to make a statement!

Where to Get It:

Jacket: Zara. Double-breasted coats add a slightly more professional, old-fashioned element to any outfit, and are less common due the increased popularity of single-breasted coats and suit jackets.

Scarf: Danier. A slim knit scarf is a good way accessorize and keep warm without the bulkiness of a chunkier style.

Sweater: Point Zero. Neutral tops are a basic element of anyone’s closet and are perfect for days when you know you won’t be removing your outerwear or want to create a good base for other coloured pieces.

Jeans: Zara. Light wash jeans, while typically seen during the warmer months, are still appropriate during winter, and can help add contrast to an outfit with their lighter colour.

Boots:  Palladium. Camel coloured boots are making a comeback and the lighter colour is a great alternative to darker winter boots that are typically seen at this time of year. 


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