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Western’s clothing scene features some of the most creative designs that any of us have seen. Sharp flashes of colour on a black hoodie create a contrast like a streetlight illuminating a dark street.

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Energy paralleled by no other, BSA delivered its third consecutive fashion show, transforming the Wave into a mosaic of black fashion that walked Through the Decades.

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This year, an annual Western-themed vintage pop-up invites you to ditch the basic Western gear for classic, fashion-forward and eco-friendly options to flaunt this Fake Homecoming.

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The Purple Spur Society presents its annual fashion show, raising $16,000 to support 

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Taking a deep dive into the countercultures of the late 20th century, Fashion and Lifestyle Society's God Save the Rave just might as well have been a time capsule, showcasing niche outfits from different underground scenes, including punk rock, goth, grunge and skateboarding.