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Fateful Destiny

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BSA: Love>Heart

Love>Heart by Caroline Alpert.

my heart is heavy

my head hurts 

the pain I feel inside cannot be explained 

the hurt I feel cannot be described 

is this what life has become? 

worried that I will never get to be someone 

someone who has a voice 

someone who’s melanin is loved

someone who lives past the age of 12,..18,...29,....32,......45...

someone who’s skin is not a weapon


I am armed in the eyes of my enemy 

will they ever see past their lies?

will they see past the badge and blue disguise?

they look at us and see danger

we look at them and see anger 


are we destined for a life of fear and hatred?

does the cop pull the trigger and asks questions later?

we die a death of empirical design 

designed to eliminate my black kin 

to enslave the black man 

to dismantle the black woman 

mothers pray for a different fate

fathers are a mystery in history 

childhoods lost in the streets 


no longer no more 

the white man's system must come down 

where “hands up don’t shoot” is not drowned out by raging bullets 

“i can’t breath” is not silenced by pressing knees

we will SCREAM

we will CRY

we will ARISE

left behind will be the white man's



BSA: Cover crop

This article is part of the More Than a Moment issue, made in collaboration with the UWO Black Students' Association. Read the full issue here.


The Black Students' Association wrote and curated pieces from campus for the Black History Month issue; Angie Antonio was this year's Guest Editor.

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