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Fight on

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PRIDE in my head
in my head (2020)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inches

A story that you know

The fight inside a mind

An ode to the kid going through the toughest time


A fight to love and a fight to be

They prescribe you normalcy

“You be blue and you be pink”


Trying to learn in a place but finding loss and finding pain

The pressure to conform can drive you literally insane


Don’t be ashamed of yourself or who you know 

Deep inside

Learn to breath and learn to see

After all the tears are cried


It gets better they tell you

With an unconvincing grin

The fight is never over

Never lose or let them win


The haters and the noise

Let them see let them see

Who are you? 

Whatever that you want to be


Child stay loud, be proud

Don’t curse the struggle you’re blessed with

Give it some time

Then go share with the world your essence

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This article is part of the annual Pride Issue, read the full issue online now.



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