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Elisabeth Edwards had her first run-in with ASMR during a Grade 2 school activity when a student was spelling out the letters of the alphabet on her back. After feeling a trance-like sensation from her head down to her spine, she was confused, feeling an unknown sense of relaxation.

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In collaboration with London Environmental Network, Museum London presented a three day event which outlined the city's future plans for developing the Deshkan Ziibi, as well as educated attendees on the importance of developing healthy relationships with land and water from an Indigenous perspective.

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Western University students and the London community were brought together for a special one-hour wellness panel that sparked conversation on how women should not be ashamed to talk about their menstruation, examining the stigma surrounding working moms and how to embrace their own body image.

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The cold-pressed juice trend has skyrocketed in the last year, but do consumers garner any significant benefits from gulping down 335 millilitre of turmeric, lemon and apple?

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