Instagrammers are helping put London on the map. Through their scenic photos, the city is almost unrecognizable — proof beauty is everywhere, even in a city unassociated with glamour.

Warren Wong, first-year medical sciences student, has been taking photos for almost a year and a half. He started out by photographing his adventures when he travelled with friends. His passion for photography motivates him to further explore different areas around London.

“I know that lots of people outside London, such as those living in the Greater Toronto Area, don’t really think of London much as a city because of how small it is,” said Wong in an email. “But I feel that my photos of Western University, as well as downtown London, can show that whatever London has to offer as a city should not be ignored.”

Currently, he manages his own photography Facebook page and is active on his Instagram account.

Wong is not the only amateur photographer Western has to offer. Phil Regimbal, first-year social science student, got his start in photography following behind his father and sister, an amateur and professional photographer, respectively. 

“Sometimes I get Instagram comments to the effect of ‘I didn't know London could look that good,’ ” said Regimbal in an email.

Although Regimbal has lived in London for 15 years, he still enjoys photographing various areas of the city, particularly the Western campus. Reg hopes that his photos can motivate incoming and current students to appreciate the city and can possibly convince them to pick up a camera themselves.

“There are opportunities literally everywhere, from downtown to the bank of the Thames [River] and even on campus at Western. Alumni Hall in particular offers a beautiful location with lots of light and motion — I like to capture the busy feeling of campus life,” Regimbal said. 

Reg is currently active on his Instagram account

Both Wong and Reg are a part of the growing scene of photographers in London that are capturing the city's beauty.

“I hope that Western students can fully appreciate that they live in the City of London and make an effort to explore off-campus more often to escape the stress and workload of school once in a while,” Wong added.


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