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land of the 'free'

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BSA: Faces of Those That Matter 1

Faces of Those That Matter series by Caroline Alpert.

everyday it’s a new hashtag

a new video

another lost soul

my soul is empty

my body filled with rage

and pain

i am empty

with everything to gain

like trust and peace

and love and acceptance

instead my people and i are neglected

it seems they love the idea of us

but they hate the idea of us

a strong us

a rich us

an independent us

a successful us

but what they don’t understand

is there is no US without us

we built that land for free

until we got free

chains dropped

but they still got us on locks

through mass incarceration

systemic racists

and profiting corporations

this is a nation

that would rather let cities burn

than let justice be served

what kind of sense does that make?

i'm tired of seeing bodies drop

at the hands of cops

who walk free in the end

i’m tired of seeing mommas cry

when they black girls and boys die

i think you getting the trend

i’m tired of seeing all lives matter

because that can’t happen until

black lives matter.

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This article is part of the More Than a Moment issue, made in collaboration with the UWO Black Students' Association. Read the full issue here.


The Black Students' Association wrote and curated pieces from campus about the Black Lives Matter movement; Angie Antonio was this year's Guest Editor.

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