Thrifting is no ordinary shopping experience. It’s an art that requires precision and an eye for creative fashion. Not everyone enjoys going through second-hand items, but for those who are fans of thrifting, here are some great places in London that can add some character to your wardrobe. 

Blue Pepper Vintage

187 Dundas St

If you are all about fashion experimenting and styling outfits that make everyone’s head turn in your direction then this store screams your name. Blue Pepper Vintage sell some bold and wild statement pieces; one item in particular was a high-waisted demi long skirt with circle metal locks along the centre of the skirt. Where have you seen a skirt like that? They even have clothing from around the world. Things are a bit pricey, so if you are on a student budget, then why not just explore the store and open your eyes to some wild fashion.

Filthy Rebena

177 Dundas St

In this store, you’ll find minimalist decorations, small plants on the display tables, ceiling hangers, and of course, vintage and retro clothing. The stuff in this store has some range but there is a noticeable bohemian and avant-garde vibe. They also sell a small amount of local jewelry so if buying locally is a goal, this is a great spot. Unfortunately, the items are expensive but the quirky charm makes up for it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to walk into a store that looks like an Instagram feed from the 1970s (if Instagram was a thing then…)  


1225 Wonderland Rd N

Not only is Goodwill London a big second-hand retail store, they are also a non-profit that looks out for some of the most disadvantaged people in the city. They have everything here: from antique furniture, older pieces, clothing, artwork and paintings! Even book collections that look like they could've been your grandmother's; they have it all. You can satisfy your thrifting appetite with their low prices while still contributing to charity — it’s the best of both worlds.


900 Oxford St E

Don’t be disappointed by how small this store is, it hides treasures! If you’re diligent while looking through the racks, you may even find quite a few designer bands and each piece is vintage and unique. The price range is pretty big, so the size of your wallet should not be a major concern. After visiting several times, its taste and style are not diverse, but when you do find something, then you can go home happy. 


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