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With exam season right around the corner, it may be difficult to fully concentrate. Studying may cause you to want to plug into your music and zone out from the world around you. 

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The 48th annual JUNO Awards hit the silver screens (or at least nation-wide broadcast) this past Sunday, bringing beloved Canadian musicians, fans from across the country and novice local performers to the Forest City for a night of celebration.

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With the JUNOs coming to London, the city is read to showcase its potential as a city worth international attention.

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The Ottawa-based indie-rockers showcased a versatile set of songs, old and new, including a rambunctious "Juliette" and an engaging "Fake Drugs," and more pop-centric tracks including "Greif Money" and "I Got You." They also surprised the crowd with a nostalgic cover of Blink-182's "Dammit."