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April Fool's

Read our full spoof issue here

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Read our full spoof issue here

Welcome to the Gazette's annual Spoof Issue! All of these articles are fun and satire, so don't take them seriously. Or do, we can't control you.

Students love Meisha

We begin our show tonight with some breaking news: Alan Shepard, president of Western University, is in fact the person in the video announcements, not the dog.

Gazette endorses jalapeno cheddar

While this article is part of the Spoof Issue, it represents very real opinions from the Gazette's editorial board. We take Spoke bagels very seriously.

Gucci or goodbye

Administrators were very disappointed to see students in their pyjamas on Zoom and have become fearful that students behaving like human beings might damage Ivey’s prestigious international reputation.

Campus is a "love free" zone

It's no secret the pandemic has been hard on students' sex lives. But now, at least they don't have to worry about seeing happy couples on campus.

Goose-petting, anyone?

Western's president Alan Shepard even wrangled the geese himself!

Just checking in …

Thanks, Western!

Now in technicolour

Experts say light red is the season's hottest colour.

Where is Middlesex College anyways?

This year's frosh were excited to become sophs and help out incoming students. But after a year online, many had never stepped foot on campus before.

See who takes home the title

Western's eateries duke it out to see who will win the prized Purple Apron.

These geese are not happy

While most students anxiously awaiting their return to campus, Western's geese are worried about what this means for their ability to roam free next fall.

This is a serious matter

Due to COVID-19, snitches no longer get stitches as a result of social distancing regulations, leaving snitches to run rampant and students to live in fear during open-book exams.

Degrees of separation

In an unexpected turn of events, Western decided they just couldn't live without Huron.

2000's nostalgia

Webkinz was a fun, calming game as a kid, so why wouldn't it also work for adults?

Rags to riches

Wow! A student responded to what everyone thought was a phishing email — you won't believe what happens next!

Hip with the kids

“I hated being dragged to those yeehaw things every week just to listen to a bunch of boomer songs I have literally never heard before," one student tells the Gazette.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

"It’s important for us to keep up our reputation of having nice-looking students,” said president Alan Shepard.

Join the clubhouse!

Western will convert Thames Hall into an open floor plan residence where students share bunk beds, all inspired by chancellor Hasenfratz's relaxing vacation.

Yop me mama

The Science sophs struck a deal that will give them a cool new catchphrase and copious amounts of drinkable yogurt.

Wandering in a winter wonderland

Grab your snowboots and $500 kids, it's time to hit the slopes.


Brush up on your TikTok dances or honestly, don't bother going to the club post-pandemic.

Exceeding gathering limits

"Get out your chequebooks, because we're coming for you," the Mayor warned campus geese.

Your honour, I rest my case

Geography student Hinda Lasenfratz on why chancellor Linda Hasenfratz had the right idea all along.

Honking mad

A student developed strange symptoms, such as uncontrollable rage, honk-like coughing, as well as frequent bouts of small green-coloured feces after he was bitten by a goose on campus.

Surprise, surprise

To most students' surprise, Goose Feathers is actually a pretty swell guy.



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