There is nothing more Canadian than drinking a double-double from Timmies, eating a bag of ketchup chips and going to a Silverstein concert.

Over the last decade, Ontario post-hardcore pioneers Silverstein have gone from performing at small clubs in their hometown of Burlington, Ont. to sold out concert halls internationally, putting Canada on the map in the hardcore-punk world. Silverstein’s rise to fame is arguably due to their euphoric melodies and heavy-hitting breakdowns that enthral concert-goers. 

The band just embarked on a 13-day Canadian tour that spans from Montreal to Vancouver, and they will be closing the trek with a bang at the London Music Hall on Nov. 25. 

“We have a great history in London. Before we were playing Toronto regularly, we were playing London a lot more,” said the band's powerhouse vocalist, Shane Told. “We’ve been booking shows here for 16 years.”

Told holds London close to his heart, having spent his early years playing shows at Western University and partying with the Mustangs.

“We partied hard with the Western students; we took a little trip to Saugeen once after a show at the Spoke and it was a blast!”

The tour is in support of the bands ninth studio album, Dead Reflection, which is the perfect combination of melodic sing-a-longs and monstrous guitar riffs that the band has so fluently crafted since they initially formed in 2000.

During the writing process, Told was going through a difficult break-up. However, after the band embarked on a tour cycle across Europe, he realized that touring and writing was a therapeutic outlet that could help him get out of this dark flux and inspire his art.

“I have value; my life has value again,” Told recalled. “That’s how I felt. It helped me break out of the funk and it helped pave the way to record Dead Reflection.”

Fans can expect to hear new pop-ridden tracks like “The Afterglow” and “Whiplash”, as well as older screamo tracks that originally put the band on the map. Told describes this tour run as a celebration of Silverstein’s entire career. 

“We’re able to play some of the heaviest shit you’ve ever heard, and then a song or two later we can play a soft, kind of emotional, acoustic ballad,” said Told, who is diligent to point out the dynamic genre that sets Silverstein apart from other bands.

Silverstein will also be joined by Oakville pop-punk outfit Seaway and Toronto boys Like Pacific for a night of rhythmic sing-alongs, grotesque mosh pits and raved crowdsurfing.

Silverstein is a band that has been non-stop for the past sixteen years, and if you enjoy exciting music and Canadian culture, get a double-double and come down to the London Music Hall on Nov. 25 for a thrilling show.

Tickets for the tour can be purchased through Silverstein’s website. Get ready to mosh. 


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