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Single and don’t want to mingle? Here are some things to do with your squad on Feb. 15, Palentine's Day, instead of celebrating Valentine's Day.

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So there you have it, the highs and lows of the last ten years. While no one can predict what the next decade has in store for us Mustangs, here’s to an even brighter and better future with hopefully, less controversies and please - no more public displays of animal slaughtering. 

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Tired of scrolling through "Must Knows" on Facebook looking for easy classes with good profs? Enter Rate My Professors, for reviews by students, for students, on the best and worst profs on campus.

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Our online world is being dominated by a philanthropic phenomenon — clicktivism. With a simple click, you can promote social justice issues, spread awareness and petition for change. 

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It’s defined as the period when all of the single ladies (put your hands up) and bachelors, especially those who enjoy promiscuity, face the desire to be tied down by a serious relationship.

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Easier to take care of than a cat, but requiring a bit more work than a pet rock, houseplants seem like the perfect compromise for university students wanting a bit of companionship.