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To Be

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BSA: Black & Bold

Black & Bold by Caroline Alpert.

I wanted to be a




kind of girl

I wanted to be

The kind of girl without this hair

And whose skin would

Roast under the sun

I called my peach crayons

“Skin-coloured” even though they were never

my skin’s colour.

I played with barbies whose only dark

feature was their auburn hair.

I hated my African name

I wanted to be a






I was malignant to my melanin

So I made sure to keep my arms covered

With long sleeves and jackets

A conscious habit

That became so problematic

And tragic, when I’d sometimes

Be in a short-lived state of panic

Is that too dramatic? Well, it's true,

Just because of my complexion

I didn’t realize how much I

Wanted to be something

That was so impossible

Because I hated that

I stood out in my classroom

When all I wanted to do

Was blend


Into that sea of white

I wished to be a part of that ocean

instead of being noticed

like a lone candle in a dark room.

I lost count of the days that I didn’t feel beautiful

I lost count of the days that I felt

Like an outcast, over something

That I’m now proud to broadcast.

This skin

These eyes

This hair

My pride.

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This article is part of the More Than a Moment issue, made in collaboration with the UWO Black Students' Association. Read the full issue here.


The Black Students' Association wrote and curated pieces from campus about the Black Lives Matter movement; Angie Antonio was this year's Guest Editor.

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