It’s tempting to live off instant noodles and Cheetos this midterm season but adding an unconventional snack to your study routine can do wonders. Changing it up can help stifle unhealthy food habits and a creative study breaks your schedule and expands your palette.

Pickles and peanut butter sandwich

Smooth peanut butter perfectly compliments the strength and crunch of a dill pickle. 

Not only are you hitting the vegetable food group in this sandwich but pickles and peanut butter are a staple of any student household. Plain white bread can balance the two rich tastes in this snack. 

Salami and grape poppers

Charcuterie board enthusiasts will love this pairing. 

Wrap your salami around your grape and voila — all set for snacking! Pro tip: use chopsticks or a fork to avoid greasy salami fingers on your keyboard.

Avocado ice cream

This Filipino dish is the perfect dupe for when your Marble Slab ice cream tub is empty. Slice your avocado into small squares, add them to a bowl of shredded ice or ice cubes and top it off with the milk of your choice. 

Honey or brown sugar are the perfect mix-ins for a bit of extra sweetness.

Parmesan and dark chocolate grilled cheese

Parmesan cheese and dark chocolate might be our riskiest combo yet. 

Grated cheese and a few pieces of dark chocolate between two slices of bread is enough to satisfy a sweet and savory craving. Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce stress and elevate your mood and adding cheese to any dish is always advised, so go and enjoy this wacky combo!

Vanilla protein powder and popcorn

For those who crave popcorn but want a nourishing alternative, sprinkle some vanilla protein powder into your bowl. Be sure to measure an amount that is healthy and suitable to your daily protein intake. Microwavable popcorn is suggested — this pairing is versatile, fast and easy to prepare. 

Try chocolate protein powder for an extra twist!



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