Tired of scrolling through "Must Knows" on Facebook looking for easy classes with good profs? Enter Rate My Professors, for reviews by students, for students, on the best and worst profs on campus.

Rate My Professors uses an out-of-five scale for students to rate their professors their level of difficulty. It also allows raters to choose “tags” that best describe their professor — like “Skip Class? You Won’t Pass,” “So Many Papers” and “Get Ready to Read.”

According to the site, over 19 million people have left reviews, rating over 1.7 million profs. Western University’s top professors include mathematics professor Joseph Turnbull, sociology professor Derek Silva and physics professor Mark Baker — all with 5.0 ratings.

Natalie Cheifetz, a second-year health science student, Lauren Goldman, a first-year BMOS student and Rohan Borate, a first-year health science student, said they all look at Rate My Professors when they’re picking classes. 

Both Cheifetz and Borate said seeing Rate My Professors’ reviews affected their overall choice on taking a class with a certain instructor. 

“There’s been many classes where I’d look at the review before and know what to expect from the professor, and [their] positive and negative aspects,” Borate said.

Both Borate and Jade Widrich, a third-year nursing student, have left both positive and negative reviews on the site.

While the site encourages raters to discuss the professors' teaching style rather than their character, the website is still filled with reviews based on professors' personalities. While negativity is expected, some of these reviews can be downright harsh, including, “Hilariously bad I'd box his head off if he wasn't so old,” and “I want campus transit to hit me on the way to this class.” 

Unlike the popularized Rate My Professors, Western uses Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching to evaluate their teaching staff. Students can leave feedback on their professors during select periods of the year, ranking them from one to seven on 11 different categories and can leave comments.

Unlike Rate My Professors, students cannot view comments left by other students.

On SQCT, students have access to previous classes’ responses, with the most recent results coming from the 2018 Fall/Winter courses. When comparing Turnbull, Silva and Baker’s SQCT ratings to Rate My Professor’s reviews, the results were similar. All of the professors scored high, with the mean results all over 6.2/7 on SQCT.

Although you cannot view the highest professor's ratings on the site, student's should look at both databases to make their formal decisions: one based on both character and teaching methods.

While Borate, Widrich and Cheifetz had not heard of the SQCT survey, they all mentioned that they would be interested in seeing the results from previous years. 

As for picking your classes — sometimes you’re just better off just looking at the syllabi.


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