By: Sean Martin, Contributor

Whether you want to revamp your follower ratio, make your friends envy your increase in likes or even just impress your existing followers with some killer photos, this article lists ten ways you can improve your Instagram profile.


Hashtagging is the basis of all social medias nowadays. It connects you with all of the other users that have used that hashtag before and will use that hashtag in the future. It is a good way for others – perhaps other students – to find your profile. Try out #UWO and find some fellow mustangs!

2. Follow Your Dreams!

Literally, follow them. Using the discover tab, you can look up your interests and follow some accounts specific to what you want to see on your feed. Whether it’s soccer players, pop stars, or even puppies, Instagram is full of them! Not only will it make the app more interesting to use, but you have the potential to be noticed and gain some more followers.

3. Take Interesting Photos

It’s the iconic building of Western – standing tall and glorious on UC Hill – University College is the face of our school and we’re all proud to say so. That being said, how many times have you seen it been posted on Instagram? As pretty as it is, it is much more refreshing to see original and unique content. Why not share your favourite, not so well known, study spot? It'll be revolutionary.

4. Treat Your Followers Right

Those who give, receive. Some may call it karma, some may call it basic psychology, but if you like and comment on your followers posts, they are more likely to like and comment on your content. Don’t be afraid of double tapping!

5. Filter Your Use of Filters

Valencia or XX Pro: this decision will make or break your photo. Picking the right filter is an essential way to make your photos look superior to those around you. Certain filters enhance certain attributes of your photos. Pick carefully and don’t over edit. Always look back at the original and compare to see if you managed to actually do any good. By the way: purple looks great under Amaro!

6. Connect with Facebook

Facebook, the contact list of all social media, is a great way to expand your Instagram horizon. You have everyone and their grandma on Facebook. By connecting your account with Instagram, you can see more friends and relatives who have profiles that you weren’t aware of. Besides, we all know how difficult it is to find people on Instagram without knowing their username.

7. Capturing the Perfect Caption

Captions set the mood for the picture. Have fun with them – they give your photo the title that fits it perfectly. Be witty, snarky, cunning and sly. Also, refer back to step one: #HASHTAG #HASHTAG #HASHTAG.

8. Use Third Party Editing Software

Instagram offers a ton of editing capability to begin with, but if you want to go the extra mile, downloading other apps to further edit your photos always helps. #vscocam. #instaperfect. #afterlight. #instapix. #instacam. #instasize.

9. Photo Quality

No one likes blurry pictures. You may be receiving your degree, but it looks like a piece of toilet paper to me! If your audience can’t see what is going on in the picture, it is extremely unappealing. Make sure your pics are in focus and cropped properly.

10. Keep Yourself Happy

We can all admit it, Instagram is a guilty pleasure: the gratification of getting likes is nice. However, your profile is ultimately your profile. Post what you want to show off and what you like.


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