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Fan takes selfies with Mustang mascot

So, you’ve bought Mustang merch, seen Rick McGhie on a Wednesday and you’ve even had your very own goose altercation — it’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it. You’re probably feeling like a true Mustang by now so we hate to break it to you, but you can’t really say you’re bleeding purple until you’ve done the following five things.

1. Been forced to resort to “Find my Classroom” as you’re running late for a class

You’ve heard about the website, but can’t quite place where from. Was it a soph that mentioned it or maybe a teaching assistant? Rarely used, but well known — any Mustang knows this site becomes your holy grail when you’re five minutes late for class and can’t remember what SH stands for.

2. Have cried on campus and now feel oddly attached to the spot

Maybe you just opened up OWL grade book and saw that you failed an exam. Or perhaps you walked out of academic counselling and were told that because your three exams were in 24 hours instead of 23, they couldn't move any of them for you. Whatever the reason, every Mustang has broken down on campus at least once in their academic career. Now every time you walk by that spot or sit in that same stall you can’t help but feel an odd sense of home.

3. Played a game of slip and slide down University College Hill

It’s moments like these that you really wished snowpants weren’t only normalized for children. We’ve all had to brave the wintery UC Hill, the one that makes the summer geese feel like an amateur game.

Remember: keep your knee’s bent, eyes up and feet shoulder-width apart. There's a railing for a reason.

4. Rolled your eyes at Ivey or engineering students 

If you’re an AEO or Ivey student, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the emotionless purple painted people that showed up at Frosh week. On the other hand, if you’re an engineering student, what’s got you scoffing is the introductory dorm stickers that say “Program: AEO.”

A poorly kept secret: to the rest of us, you’re both annoying.

5. Made eye contact with a bus driver as they pull away from the Natural Science Centre

You’re running. As you near the Nat Sci bus stop you see it — your bus ride home, waiting with doors open and students climbing in. You calculate the distance between yourself and the bus, keeping a steady pace it’ll only take you 45 seconds to get there.

But then, the blinkers turn on and you know it won't be enough time. You’re sprinting now, but your fate has been sealed. As you reach the stop, you make one last plea — a hand up as you lock eyes with the bus driver.

There's no point, you're too late. 

So there you have it. More than the football games, residence parties and Richmond row — these are things that truly make us Mustangs.


Coordinating Editor

Taniya was a culture editor for volume 113 of the Gazette. She is a coordinating editor for sports and culture for volume 114 of the Gazette.

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