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Living away from home can be a fantasy for many: no curfews, no constant micromanaging from parents and no invasion of privacy. What students may not consider when fantasizing about these substandard rentals are the everyday struggles that come along with them.

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The Gazette revisits the short but illustrious history of "fake Homecoming."

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O-Week and its events pass in a whimsical blur. An air of youth, nervousness and drunken splendour follow its crowds, culminating on UC Hill for the week’s biggest events. Often overlooked, however, is the magnitude of work that goes on behind the scenes to bring everything — including the p…

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Generally, smoking marijuana isn't good for you. Unless you're Seth Rogen or Wiz Khalifa, getting high all day doesn't play well in the labour market. What was once a counter-cultural statement of defiance against "the man" has since been co-opted by large corporations to sell lava lamps and…

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It's important to know who represents you in student government and who makes the big decisions in the university's administration. Always remember that they are accountable to you. And if you're unhappy with the way things are being done on your campus, please send us a Letter to the Editor…

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