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A student who alleges she was sexually assaulted — her account corroborated by a witness who freed her — and other students who say they witnessed girls drugged on campus have provided harrowing accounts of a terrifying Orientation Week at Western University.

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From breakfast to snacks and dinners, you can chef your way to a healthier, cheaper and fresher first-year residence experience.

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The University Students’ Council are the ones behind the OWeek you love and policies like self-reported absences — and they exist to advocate for you, even though you didn’t get to vote them in (yet).

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It’s hard enough trying to navigate through Toronto slang on campus if you’re not from the GTA, and when you throw in Western lingo, even Urban Dictionary can’t help you.

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Welcome to the Gazette's annual Spoof Issue! All of these articles are fun and satire, so don't take them seriously. Or do, we can't control you.