The Black Students' Association wrote and curated pieces from campus about the Black Lives Matter movement; Angie Antonio was this year's Guest Editor.

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Glenys Obasi, first-year psychology student, Feb. 24, 2020.

She stands beneath the sun as her skin, 

Gets infused with vitamin D. 

Her melanin glowing like the star she is. 

She is filled with pride, 

Knowing her skin can handle the heat. 

And the warmth that she feels, 

Ignites pure joy from within. 

Her skin radiates nothing but self-love, 

Sometimes mistaken for vanity. 

Because the idea of a woman being confident, 

The thought of a woman having high self-esteem, 

Because a black woman not feeling pity for her skin, 

Is so unorthodox to an archaic mindset, 

That she is deemed conceited. 

But no worries because she’s got thick skin, 


Resilient to the words that come out of their guns, 

Shielding her heart from their bullets, 

For they must be shunned. 

Because despite her oozing rich, dark, chocolate, 

Her immaculate skin, 

Has been cast a sin. 

Why you ask? 

Because people are oblivious to the fact, 

That there are fifty shades of black. 

And they just happen to be fifty shades lighter, 

And she just happens to be fifty shades darker. 

Social darwinism has been entwined in their minds, 

That they justify their … beliefs, 

Yet deny their colourism, 

And still wonder why her self-love is abundant, 

While she mends the constant wounds they inflict. 

From their skin bleaching ads, 

"Just being white you will win," 

To their compliments, 

"Oh you're pretty, for a black girl." 

But she walks with her head held high, 

Because she knows her skin is a blessing not a curse, 

Because she knows a little dark chocolate never hurt, 

Because she knows her melanin is poppin'. 

And though she never finds her foundation at the beauty store, 

Or any shade she can use to contour, 

She knows her skin is not to blame, 

For the lack of shades at Almay. 

And when she feels like her skin is a burden, 

She remembers that she is a goddess, 

Dipped in honey and tossed in gold, 

Rich in chocolate that never gets old, 

Her skin is immaculate, 

Her melanin is poppin'. 



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