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Read our full housing issue here

Mapping London

Where do students live in the city? There's a surprising range of places, people and prices in this map.

Fewer bedrooms than you thought

The building was under investigation over complaints they had windowless bedrooms. They do not, as they have fewer bedrooms than some tenants likely assumed.

No window? No problem.

Windowless bedrooms were first discovered in the Marq last month. Since then, the building has been in the public eye as tenants publicly complain about their experience in the student apartments.

A renter's worst nightmare

Students were concerned about their safety after clues pointed to their house being squatted in for several months. One lab coat, shredded textbooks and a bloodied underwear were some of the things left behind.

London's night life

London’s club scene is characterized by five iconic bars. Each attracting different kinds of Western students who inhabit them.

Which one are you? 

In your years at Western, you'll either find yourself in the middle of a club's greasy dance floor, a 'boujee' social house, a cheap beer house or maybe all three. Which one would you prefer?

Crammed living spaces

Living in a double room entails no privacy and very little space for students. But Delaware Hall offered students single rooms with bunk beds to alleviate residence overbookings, which meant an even smaller living space for the students.

A first-year athlete's choice

Living in residence as a student-athlete has its perks. But so does living off-campus. Access to campus, social support, and choosing meals are all things to think about

Broughdale's history

A long history befalls the infamous Broughdale Avenue. Believe it or not, before it hosted its colossal street parties, Broughdale had its "softer suburban days." 

Relatives, rentals and residence

There are upsides and downsides to anywhere you decide to live. This guide may help you choose wisely.

Is your GPA at risk?

And as students flock to these residence buildings, little do they know about the detrimental effects their new home can have on their academic performance.

If you're staying in residence in your first year, there are a host of reasons why the residence you live in matters. One of them is the academic cost.

Don't rush and risk.

Choosing where to live can be a pressure-filled and time-sensitive endeavour. But if you wait a little longer, you can feel more certain about where you're going to live. There will always be housing available, despite the rush to find housing in November.++

Transitioning off-campus

Whether you're in residence or a rental, you'll be eating, getting around, socializing, studying and cleaning. With all of these, there are pros and cons of doing them while living on-campus and off-campus.

Pets can't get you evicted

Tenants have a right to own pets in their rentals. Landlords and your contracts may say otherwise, but the bylaw states your pet can live with you. Only condominiums can ban your pet.

The 'Tyr-ants' of London

London's ant problem isn't stopping any time soon. Know what steps to take to get rid of these pests.

Every penny counts

The Ontario government can help pay your hydro bills if you're a student. You could be eligible to receive a minimum of $35 and a maximum of $113 off your next bill.



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