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Many students have had a roommate they did not get along with. But, you likey did not experience a living nightmare. These Western students experienced roommates that might just make you want to live alone. 

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November usually kicks off the house hunting season for frosh looking to snatch the best off-campus housing options for the following school year.

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More than a year after I moved out of Western residence, I still can’t offer any advice to first-years on off-campus housing hunting for next year. For international students like me, coming to Western from the other side of the globe has already been physically and mentally tiring, let alon…

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Their presence goes undetected until the warmer seasons, and by that time they’ve already established themselves as your rent-free roommates.

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Still living at home? Moving out to residence or a rental? Consider this.

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London’s club scene is characterized by five iconic bars. Each attracting different kinds of Western students who inhabit them.

Which one are you?