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Tip 1, reuse kitchenware as planters: Sophie's plant collection

Staying at home during the pandemic keeps you safe, but it also means fewer social interactions and increased stress for many.

And while some people joined outdoor fitness classes or raced to adopt a puppy while working from home, becoming a plant parent provides a slew of health benefits with low commitment.

Houseplants aren’t just for decorations or an aesthetic — they can provide a lot of benefits simply from being in your room and here's how.

Plants make you happy

Having a few plants around reminds us of the outdoors and feeling open — even during snowy London winters. They create a peaceful atmosphere, produce soothing scents and improve air quality which positively affects your body and brain.

Houseplants, like flowers, can also increase happiness in general. Having them improves mood and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

The positivity and relaxation you feel from having flowers and plants and the earthy aesthetic they create can heighten your optimism.

Dodge that frosh cold

Your physical and mental health are interconnected, so improving your mental health also have positive physical benefits.

Plants allow you to feel relaxed, supply more oxygen and help you sleep, which all can help fight off the common cold.

Plants release airborne chemicals called phytoncides that keep your immune system strong by reducing feelings of stress, help you focus and accelerate recovery, keeping you healthy and happy.

Focus that'll last the entire study session

Dull work spaces don't provide any motivation to study, but the solution is as simple as decorating and personalizing your work space. Having plants in your space can do just that by adding a personal touch of pizazz to your calculus lecture.

Since plants boost motivation and productivity, your ability to learn is simultaneously improved. You’ll be able to think clearer, focus and feel more relaxed as you tackle your work.

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