Just months after rebranding from Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) to U Sports, the country's governing body for intercollegiate athletics has announced another upcoming change.

In order to promote inclusivity in athletics, the organization plans to change its name to WE SPORTS!, and will be instituting several major changes for next season.

WE SPORTS! plans to host all future championships at a neutral site, breaking ground on a 50-acre complex in Saskatchewan to be known as the WE SPORTS! Resort.

Previously limited to Ontario University Athletics (OUA), Western Mustangs teams will now be able to compete on the national stage in baseball, tennis and golf.

The organization will also be establishing a boxing competition, requiring that provincial federations follow suit.

"We wanted to include some sports that the whole family can enjoy," said a WE SPORTS! spokesperson. "We strongly believe that this new direction will promote fitness for everyone." 

Part of the organization's new mandate is to promote casual athleticism and sports that can be enjoyed either standing up or sitting on the couch.

The new additions bring the total number of sports included in the WE SPORTS! circuit to 16.

The CIS announced its change to U Sports on Oct. 20, 2016, citing a need to adapt their brand for a rapidly evolving digital world.

However, five months into the U Sports revolution, the organization has decided to take their rebrand a step further by pluralizing their brand.

"Rounded letters don't catch your attention," explained Jordan Bodden, the Western Alternative's design expert. "It's all about sharp edges now, so that's why I think they'd make it WE."

WE SPORTS! reportedly hired a Japanese consulting firm to help with the transition, intending to expand their reach across the globe.

A representative from WE SPORTS! also indicated the organization's interest in expanding into the burgeoning eSports community, citing the large number of university students avidly engaged in video games.