Ever realized you’ll need to score over 100% on your final, but hit the bars anyways? Lied about borrowing a pen with full intentions of keeping it? Luckily, WTV reporters are here to say all these deep, dark thoughts out loud in Part 2 of If University Students Were Honest! Tag a friend who can #relate to some of these painfully true moments.

Actors: Rebecca McLaren, Priyanka Dogra, Serena English, Cameron Nemes, Kimberly Wang, Denice Pepe, Griffin Jaeger, Drew McWhirter, Carmen Mallia, Kristin Lee

Executive Producer: Rebecca McLaren

Producer: Cameron Nemes

Video: Rebecca McLaren and Drew McWhirter

Audio: Rebecca McLaren and Cameron Nemes

Editing: Drew McWhirter, Josh Merifield, and Emily Callahan

Graphics: Noah Fainer and Kyra Karakatsanis

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