Channeling our inner beauty guru, holiday glam style! WTV here with our favourite festive makeup looks to keep you looking your best this Holiday season!

Reporters: Denice Pepe, Griffin Jaeger, Josette Joseph, Emma Della Rocca, Rachel Martyniuk, and Cameron Nemes

Producers: Josh Merifield, Rachel Martyniuk, and Lauren Coles

Video: Lauren Coles and Josh Merifield

Audio: Lauren Coles and Josh Merifield

Editing: Josh Merifield, Emily Callahan, and Rebecca McLaren

Graphics: Sissi Chen and Lauren Coles

Watch the original tutorials here:

MakeUpByMika, Snowflake Look:

Annika Osterlund, Hanukkah Inspired Look:

James Charles, Christmas Drag Look:

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