We invited seven students to a roundtable discussion to share more about their backgrounds and discuss their experiences at Western. So much learning happens outside of the classroom: in particular, when we really get to know the people we sit next to in class each day. Your peers each have stories and talents to share, and each of us adds something special to this incredible campus community.

Please note, this video can only highlight a small sample of the numerous cultures and identities which make up Western’s staff and students. Although only seven individuals are featured, we hope to continue to feature an array of diverse student backgrounds moving forward to represent our diverse student population through a variety of video content.

Students: Bradley Chen See, Arina Cazac, Riley Lankshear, Emma Burns, Karnav Pancholi, Nyren Mo, Jack Han

Executive Producers: Rebecca McLaren and Josh Merifield

Producers: Kimberly Wang and Kristin Lee

Video by: Drew McWhirter and Josh Merifield

Audio by: Rebecca McLaren, Kimberly Wang, and Kristin Lee

Edited by: Josh Merifield

Graphics by: Noah Fainer and Sissi Chen

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