The Undergrads, Episode Eighteen, 2017

On the final episode of the Black History Month takeover Salha Hilal Hamad, Marie Kamukuny, Alisha Muchemi and Dr. Melanie-Anne Atkins talk self-care and healing. They discuss how self-care has become a buzzword rather than a practice, how deeply tied we are to capitalist self-care and the feminization of healing.

Salha Hilal Hamad @svlhv

Alisha Muchemi @lishalish22

Melanie-Anne Atkins @WellnessWestern

Marie Kamukuny @Vegetable.Marie

Original Music by 99Aji


Culture editor for volume 109 and 110, Samah spends her time bingewatching Netflix and sipping Starbucks while critiquing music, film and social media. She's specializing in Women's Studies and minoring in Creative Writing.