The Undergrads — Episode Seventeen, 2017

This week we talk about what it means to be black in GREEK life with three students in different sororities and fraternities. Featuring Tomachi Onyewuchi, Tobi Solebo and Brooke Graham, Samah Ali and the crew talk why they chose their organization, how the election of Trump opened doors for conversations, and our admiration for Childish Gambino.

Tomachi Onyewuchi, Alpha Phi

Tobi Solebo, Phi Gamma Delta

Brooke Graham, Pi Beta Phi

Samah Ali, @sistersamah


Culture editor for volume 109 and 110, Samah spends her time bingewatching Netflix and sipping Starbucks while critiquing music, film and social media. She's specializing in Women's Studies and minoring in Creative Writing.