Affiliate students will pay $2.64 more in USC student fees starting in 2018 after the University Students' Council (USC) renewed its affiliate agreement earlier in March. 

The new affiliate agreement takes effect during the 2018-19 school year and will see Huron University College, Brescia University College and King's University College students pay 52.92 per cent of the USC's base student fee assessed to main campus students. Under the previous agreement, which expired on March 1, 2017, affiliate students paid 38 per cent. 

While this seems like a 15 per cent jump, affiliate students will pay less for other fees. Under the old agreement, affiliate students paid 100 per cent of the USC's annual capital and occupancy fees, and going forward King's students will pay 48 per cent of those fees while Brescia and Huron students will pay 50 per cent — a change that works out to a two to three per cent net increase in affiliate students' USC fees, according to Isaac Jacobi, USC secretary-treasurer.

Jacobi said the two per cent difference recognizes that King's is quite a bit farther from main campus than Huron and Brescia so King's students are less likely to use main campus services and resources. 

Overall, Jacobi said the changes will generate an additional $6,000–$10,000 in annual revenue for the USC. 

"There is a slight increase [in fees] overall, but it’s not as dramatic as it looks when you see a change from 38 per cent to 52.92 per cent because overall when you bring in capital it does make that increase much smaller," he said.

As for how the affiliate presidents and USC negotiated 52.92 per cent, Jacobi said the group looked at the USC base student fee and broke down what it supports — government, advocacy, student experience, student development and the USC administration.

"We looked at each of those five themes and used some of the data that we had from our past surveys and tried to figure out what would be a fair amount that the students should pay," Jacobi said. "From there, we took a weighted average to get that 52.92 per cent. It just worked out that it was pretty similar to the past rate."

The affiliate agreement was created in 2012 to recognize that affiliate students don't always benefit from main campus initiatives and services. At the time, the deal sparked debate because lowering affiliate students' fees to 38 per cent of main campus student fees left the USC with an annual revenue loss of approximately $450,000.

The new affiliate agreement expires on April 30, 2021.

With files from Paul Radocchia