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The USC flexes in the University Community Centre, Feb. 25, 2019.

The 2021 USC elections have come to a close with 9,750 students casting a ballot — making for a 28.1 per cent voter turnout to elect Zamir Fakirani Western’s next USC president.

Here is a complete list of this year’s winners:

Faculty presidents

Arts and Humanities president: Jack Bradley was acclaimed for the role.

Faculty of Information and Media Studies president: Hayley Lee was acclaimed for the role.

Health Sciences president: Kennen Qin was acclaimed for the role.

Music faculty president: Lauren Jarman won with 142 votes, 63.7 per cent.

Science faculty president: Shanika Mahakul was acclaimed for the role.

Social Science president: Nika Bajaj was acclaimed for the role.

Faculty council representatives

Arts and Humanities councillor: Celine Tsang was acclaimed for the role.

FIMS councillor: Ava Thompson was acclaimed for the role for the role.

Health Studies councillor: Joey Bruccoleri was acclaimed for the role.

Health Studies president: Matthew Pereira won with 309 votes, 63.1 per cent.

Kinesiology president: Caleb Bresolin was acclaimed for the role.

Music councillor: Jeanny Jung was acclaimed for the role.

Nursing president: Aira Guerero was acclaimed for the role.

Nursing councillor: Antonio Beltran was acclaimed for the role.

Science councillors:

Jessie Tu: 560 votes, 17 per cent

Madison Dusick: 504 votes, 15.3 per cent

Adam Shedeed: 433 votes, 13.2 per cent

Ethan Biswurm: 370 votes, 11.2 per cent

Zohaib Adnan: 341 votes, 10.4 per cent

Nicholas Hamzea: 310 votes, 9.4 per cent

Social Science councillors:

Sara-Emilie Clark: 622 votes, 14.4 per cent

Madison Milanczak: 550 votes, 12.7 per cent

Jade Bilodeau: 531 votes, 12.3 per cent

Eric Xu: 516 votes, 11.9 per cent

Ethan Chen: 434 votes, 10 per cent

Hana Ghattas: 407 votes, 9.4 per cent

Student senators

Science senators:

Maisha Fahmida: 418 votes, 25.3 per cent

Kenisha Arora: 374 votes, 22.7 per cent

Social Science senators:

Bianka Sriharan: 504 votes, 28.5 per cent

Emilie Kalaydjian: 414 votes, 23.4 per cent

Business, Education, Engineering and Law senator:

Shaurya Karky won with 475 votes, 54.8 per cent.

HBK Senators:

Claudia Gallant: 495 votes, 33.8 per cent

Jack Chazi: 483 votes, 32.9 per cent

Senators at-large:

Lauren Stoyles: 2445 votes, 15 per cent

Iman Berry: 2242 votes, 13.7 per cent

Sandra Zivokic: 2174 votes, 13.3 per cent

Artika Pahargarh: 2173 votes, 13.3 per cent

Riley Kennedy: 2116 votes, 13 per cent

Board of Governors representative: Artika Pahargarh won with 2044 votes, 39.6 per cent.

London Youth Advisory Council: Cassandra Dawson won with 2955 votes, 69 per cent.


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