USC logo on atrium banner

The USC logo as seen on the organization's banner in the UCC atrium, April 4 2019.

The 2020 USC elections have come to a close with 7,407 of 33,631 registered voters casting their ballot — making for 22 per cent voter turnout. Matt Reesor won the USC presidential role. 

Here is a complete list of this year’s winners:

Faculty presidents 

Arts and Humanities faculty president: Unfulfilled 

FIMS faculty president: Katie Bennett won with 149 votes, 48.4 per cent   

Health Sciences president: Sebastian Deagle won with 564 votes, 68.3 per cent 

Music faculty president: Lara Plokhaar was acclaimed for the role 

Science faculty president: Teodora Marginean won with 1,095 votes, 59.4 per cent 

Social Science president: Zamir Fakirini won with 910 votes, 69 per cent 

Faculty council representatives 

Arts and Humanities council representative: Eva Alie won with 128 votes, 63.4 per cent majority

Health Studies association council representative: Tom Kris won with 67 votes, 31 per cent majority  

Health Studies association president: Unfulfilled 

Kinesiology association president: Kara Godkin was acclaimed for the role  

Kinesiology association council representative: Elias Boussoulas won with 108 votes, 33.5 per cent

Nursing association president: Erika Juhasz was acclaimed for the role 

Nursing association council representative: Antonio Beltran was acclaimed for the role  

Science faculty representatives:

Jacky Lee: 591 votes, 14.9 per cent 

Kennedy Barkhouse: 539 votes, 13.6 per cent 

Faran Khalid: 500 votes, 12.6 per cent 

Katie Brown: 496 votes, 12.5 per cent 

Shanika Mahakul: 444 votes, 11.2 per cent 

Ethan, Biswurm: 405 votes, 10.2 per cent 

Social Science faculty representatives: 

Katie Campbell: 611 votes, 15.2 per cent

Nika Bajaj: 461 votes, 11.4 per cent 

Nikol Kamenetsky: 461 votes, 11.4 per cent

Ali Malik: 431 votes, 10.7 per cent

Ido Feldman: 396 votes, 9.8 per cent

Jessica Omorodion: 390 votes, 9.7 per cent

Savannah Mastronardi: 381 votes, 9.5 per cent 

Student senators

FAM senator: Tyrese Walters won with 191 votes, 62 per cent 

Science senator: Artika Pahargarh was acclaimed for the role 

Business, Education, Engineering and Law senator: Christopher Harasym was acclaimed for the role

Health Sciences senator: Zain Al-Shamil was acclaimed for the role

Medicine and Dentistry senator: Mark Garabedian 

Affiliate Senators: Elizabeth Ricker, Nicholas Nestico

Senators at-large:

Lina Ghattas

Riley Kennedy 

Aidan Rozovsky

Anthony Tan 

Parker Thomlinson 

Zachary Train

Inaara Savani


Board of Governors representative: Sara Neiman won with 639 votes, 28.4 per cent

London Youth Advisory Council: Hayat Bander won with 1,601 votes, 54.6 per cent

Update (Feb. 11, 8:46 p.m.): the CRO has since confirmed that Inaara Savani never ran for senate, though they reported she had won a seat.


Hope Mahood is the opinions editor for Volume 113. Email her at or find her on Twitter @hope_mahood

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