BSA Fashion Show

Meeka Francis (left) and Tomachi Onyewuchi (right). 

The Black Students' Association will be holding its second-ever fashion show in January.

Centred around the early 2000s black hip-hop era, the show will highlight black beauty. 

The first BSA fashion show was held in January 2016. This time, After taking last year off, BSA’s vice-president events, Tomachi Onyewuchi, hopes the show will stick.

Onyewuchi has been a part of several different fashion shows on campus, including the Fashion and Lifestyle Society's and the Purple Spur Society's. However, she noticed a lack of diversity among some of the shows and wanted to offer a specifically black-focused fashion outlet. 

She said that although all types of people can audition, it’s important that black students have a space to share their experiences.

“Even though it’s about fashion, we’re making it more about the culture surrounding the fashion,” Onyewuchi said. “So you won’t be seeing models that are too stiff. There will be a lot of dancing, a lot of engagement with the models and the audience too.”

“We’ve been individually focusing a lot on fashion for the past couple of months, and we thought it would be really good if we just had a place to bring it all together,” said Meeka Francis, the BSA’s events coordinator.

The show will be taking place on Jan. 26 in Western University's Physics and Astronomy Building. Tickets will be going on sale in the New Year. They will cost $10 and include both the show and an after-party at Prohibition.

Onyewuchi says promo photos will be released later this month.




Sabrina is pursuing her second year as a News Editor here at the Gazette. She is a fourth year International Relations student at Western University.

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