Chakma earned nearly $2-million between 2009–10 from both Western and Waterloo

Courtesy of Western University.

Western President Amit Chakma received $500,000 from the University of Waterloo in 2010, plus his full presidential salary of $440,000 from Western. With taxable benefits, he received a total of $969,743 in 2010.

That followed his 2009 mid-year appointment to Western, when Chakma received $737,640 from Waterloo and $220,000 from Western. With taxable benefits, his earnings that year were $970,440. His salary as provost and vice-president academic at Waterloo in 2008 was $408,456, and in years previously had been under $400,000.

Chakma is listed separately on the 2011 Sunshine List as an adjunct professor at Waterloo in 2010, as well as president of Western.

His total compensation between 2009–10 was $1,940,183.

Nick Manning, a spokesperson at Waterloo, said in an email on Friday that Chakma was paid for administrative leave he had not taken when he moved to Western.

"The University of Waterloo compensated Amit Chakma in accordance with the terms of his contract. This included payment in lieu of untaken administrative leave when he left his appointment as vice-president academic and provost in 2009."

Manning added that this payment was similar at universities across Canada.

"Earnings and contracts for senior academic leadership at the University of Waterloo are in line with those of other universities across Canada. No organization can attract top talent without appropriate investment."

Chakma came under fire this week when it was revealed he made $924,000 last year — double his annual salary — after receiving a contractually allowed cash payout for not taking a year of administrative leave in his first year of his second term. After public backlash to the news, Chakma said on Wednesday that he was returning $440,000 to the University.


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