USC pennants in atrium

USC pennants in the atrium, June 24 2019.

The rules governing USC elections could not be used to punish plagiarism, said the EGC, as students debate over the similarities between two recent platforms for Arts council roles.

Nathan Szierer, head of the Elections Governance Committee, said in an email to that there is nothing in the elections bylaw that addresses possible plagiarism in campaign materials.

"The EGC has looked through relevant policies which could potentially be applied in cases of plagiarism, however, none of the existing policies cover plagiarism outside of an academic setting," he said. "For this reason, the EGC would be unable to issue sanctions for instances of plagiarism."

Szierer also said that plagiarism policies will be "likely" brought up in council next year to better handle such instances.

Students have hotly debated the policy online after posts emerged saying a platform from Eva Alie, who is running for Arts and Humanities councillor, is too similar to the former platform of the faculty's current president, Jerika Caduhada.

Eva Alie platform comparison

A post on /r/uwo, the Western subreddit.

Alie’s platform uses a graphic very like Caduhada's, and some key words are common to both, with both platforms discussing similar issues.

The platforms have become one of this election's major discussions, cropping up in the university subreddit and the Facebook group "Must Knows" for courses at UWO.

Alie did not respond to a request for comment.

With a series of long posts from almost everyone involved, Alie herself said many platform points take more than one year to accomplish, and that her platform was produced by original research; she admits the graphics are similar and that she made a mistake in not checking if the design had been used.


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