The USC and Western have teamed up to provide free shuttle services from campus to polling stations so students can vote in Monday's federal election. 

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The 2021 USC elections have come to a close with 9,750 students casting a ballot — making for a 28.1 per cent voter turnout to elect Zamir Fakirani Western’s next USC president.

The Science, Social Science and Health Science Student Council president positions are all acclaimed this year, with only one nominee for each role.

Senators at-large are undergraduate students from a wide variety of faculties looking to represent you. With five seats up for grabs, hear what the candidates have to say about their past experience, what Senate should do next year and their Spoke order.

Faculty senators ensure that your voice is heard within the Senate, Western University's main governing body for academic policy. Read below on how qualified the candidates are, their goals for Senate and their Spoke order.