Students hoping for a return to a warmer Homecoming next year will be left disappointed as Western has scheduled Homecoming 2017 on the weekend of Oct. 20-22 again. 

Earlier this year, the university administration caused an uproar among students and alumni when it moved the Homecoming date from September to later in October in an attempt to tone down rowdy Broughdale street parties. 

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Despite the date change and extra police patrols, the original Homecoming date on Oct. 1 saw more than 7,000 people flood Broughdale and saw bigger crowds than in previous years. 

When asked about the date change, executive director of alumni relations Trista Walker said continuing with the date change is actually a return to tradition. 

"Back in the day Homecoming was in October [and] more of a fall tradition so we're going back to those roots," Walker said. 

Walker said the two separate Homecoming celebrations that occurred in the 2016 year were an anomaly and doesn't believe it will happen again in 2017. 

Many students expressed disappointment with the university's decision. 

"I was quite pissed off to say the least. It was right around midterms and I couldn't go to the real Homecoming because I had a midterm, 2257 which is a big course," said Cassidy Leblanc, a second-year BMOS student.

"No one was really happy with it, so I think they should listen to that and switch the date [back]," Leblanc said.

Some students said they predict that the two-weekend celebration will continue in 2017. 

"I think we're probably going to have a second Homecoming again," said Stephen Paton, a fourth-year sociology student. 

However, Paton and his friends also agree that if the date continues to be in late October students will eventually stop attempting to celebrate it at an earlier time. 


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