Ivey Business School professor Mike Moffatt will be a bit busier this year. He's been hired as the director of policy and research for the Ottawa-based think tank Canada 2020.

Canada 2020 is a not-for-profit think tank that hosts events, produce research and starts conversations about Canada's future, especially its public policy.

Moffatt's role involves directing research projects and developing policy recommendations. Moffatt is also expected to reach out to voices that Canada 2020 has yet to tap into, including young people.

Besides being a professor, Moffat served as chief innovation fellow at Canada's Innovation, Science and Economic Development Department, and he was also a chief economist at the Mowat Centre, another public policy think tank.

Besides job-related qualifications, Alex Paterson, a Canada 2020 director, said Moffatt's writing and presenting skills in their hiring decisions.

“For anyone that’s either taken a class with Mike or attended an event or panel, [Moffatt] has a very unique way of framing issues,” Paterson said. “As a think tank that works in the public policy space, I think that’s our role.”

Robert Klassen, associate dean of faculty development and research at Ivey, also expressed confidence in Moffatt.

"We think he's eminently qualified for the position, and we wish him well. We are also very pleased that he will continue his teaching at Ivey," Klassen said.

Although there are a number of goals for his first year, Moffatt wants to focus on inclusive growth. According to Moffatt, large portions of the population continue to feel disenfranchised with the growth of globalization. Moffat wants to make sure that Canadians who feel the same way have a channel to take those feelings and put them into something that’s constructive.

“That’s what really excites me: being able to look at these larger global trends and saying, 'how we can go about ensuring that Canada works?'” Moffatt said.