Ivey takes top spot among business schools

Ivey’s MBA program ranked first in Canada in the recent Financial Times 2018 MBA rankings in a few categories.

The MBA program was deemed Canada’s best in the following categories: value for money, weighted salary and aims achieved.

Globally, the business school placed top 50 in career services, alumni recommendations and research.

David Wood, MBA program director and operations strategy lecturer, commended the school for its performance but expressed a desire for improvement.

“Different rankings tell a different tale. We try looking at the components of those rankings and how our strategy corresponds to those components,” Wood said.

According to Wood, Ivey focuses on the student experience — creating a highly engaging program to develop their leadership potential.

Students are encouraged to become better leaders through a wide range of electives, multi-disciplinary learning opportunities and case-based learning methods.

In the Economist 2016 rankings, Ivey ranked 7th in the world for student assessment of career service and alumni effectiveness.

However, further changes are being made.

“All of us would like to do better. Our strategy is to improve the student experience, engage with alumni and [increase] the sense of loyalty and partnership with recruiters,” Wood said.

For example, there is now a greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, including opportunities that could allow students to launch their own business before the program’s end.

Furthermore, students are meeting earlier recruiters during the summer and have access to a much more diverse set of firms.

Students in the HBA program can expect similar education philosophies and faculty interest in their progression.

While undergraduate students may have lighter experience, they have access to the same opportunities granted they immerse themselves in the program, Wood said.

“Get engaged at get engaged early: with your learning team, with class engagement and with the opportunities Ivey offers,” Wood said. “You get out of it what you put into it.”


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