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The Richard Ivey School of Business, Mar. 28, 2018.

Ivey will not use Proctortrack for any remaining first-semester assessments or December exams.

Ivey Business School announced the changes over email on Friday, including instructions for students to remove Proctortrack from their computers. The business school will deliver the semester’s remaining assessments via Zoom proctoring, TurnItIn and other alternative softwares.

Western University’s main campus reinstated Proctortrack Thursday, after a security breach on Oct. 13 suspended the e-proctoring software’s services for nearly a week.

“We are fully satisfied and confident with the results of Proctortrack’s security audit and that no Ivey student data was compromised,” reads Ivey’s email. “[But] we know that the use of Proctortrack caused some concerns for our students.”

Some Ivey and main campus and main campus students have publicly said they will not download Proctortrack onto their devices as a result of security concerns after the breach. A petition demanding Western permanently suspend the software has gained over 10,000 signatures.

It is unclear whether Ivey will resume use of Proctortrack in second semester. The business school confirmed Proctortrack “is a system [they] will consider” as they search for assessment programs going forward.


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