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Team MacMillan, one of the five presidential slates in this year’s USC elections, has withdrawn their candidacy.

Despite all the satire, the slate was serious about leading the University Students’ Council. 

“From the onset of the campaign, our team was serious about becoming elected and leading the student body through a more relaxed community, and recognition of that effort seems to have been lost,” Robert MacMillan, the presidential candidate for the slate, said.

MacMillan explained that the original idea to run in the elections was to take on student issues from a different angle. 

“Our goal was to include satire into the campaign and to provide students with a slightly more amusing reason to be interested in student politics,” he said. “Unfortunately, it seems like the Western community is not ready for this type of approach.”

MacMillan expressed his disappointment in the way their campaign was perceived by the media and the community-at-large. As there wasn’t sufficient interest in their approach to student politics, he felt it was better to focus on academics rather than a campaign that would weigh them down otherwise.

MacMillan thanked those who supported his team’s campaign and encouraged students at Western and other universities to think outside the box when running for leadership positions.

“Doing so is the only way to create something new, something better, something that has not been done before,” he said. 

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